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Behind the Recipes - Greek Style Lamb

The Greek Style Marinated Lamb was actually one of the first dishes we conceived for My Supper Hero.  Early on 2021 and reeling from the third lockdown, Myleene and I were both facing kitchen nightmares trying to feed our families. Before COVID struck, I had had a terrific meal in a restaurant called the Laughing Heart in East London where the head chef was a brilliant cook called Tom Anglesea.  Tom ultimately became the executive chef of my restaurant Hush in Mayfair, and our “Chief Recipe Consultant” to My Supper Hero. But early in 2021 we just used to chat about all things food.

“You’re such a brilliant cook but what I want to know,” I asked him, “is what you would cook at home for your family”. 'Fancy' was not for him, but he might pick up a terrific couple of lamb shanks from a great butcher in N16, marinate them for at least 24 hours in lots of Mediterranean flavours like feta, apricots, lemon, garlic and olive oil.  Then slow roast them until the lamb falls of the bone.  He’d make a tzatziki with some creamy hung yoghurt, tear off bits of flatbread and then feast on the lamb with a fresh Greek salad and chilli sauce.

He had me hooked.  “Can you do one for us to try?” I asked hopefully. I found an artisanal bakery in Shepherd’s Bush where a guy called Afsheen bakes a Persian flatbread every day in a traditional process where the dough is thrown over hot pebbles. It was incredible!  I brought the flatbreads, and Tom set to work on marinating the lamb.

 Tom came over to my house the next day and I invited Myleene over to try the dish.  Her faced dropped when I told her we were eating lamb, saying she was “not that keen” (she soon proved herself wrong!)  Myleene put the dish together at my home in less than 10 minutes and you can see here some snaps of her making that very first dish.

Lamb shank

 Less than an hour later, we had devoured the lot!    “That was… Amazing!”  She declared. 

 And in a way, that was the genesis of the idea for My Supper Hero.  We wanted to put together dishes that surprise and delight.  Well curated, sensational suppers, that will help you eat brilliantly at home with less than 10 minutes of effort.

If you like the sound of this dish, order it here.

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