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  • Tell me about membership

    Membership is FREE. Members get up to 15% off all meals, free delivery, and access to exclusive meals and other content. All you have to do is agreed to top up your member's wallet with £25 every month. The entire balance of your wallet is available for you to spend whenever you want - there are no membership fees or hidden charges. You can use your entire wallet balance each month, or let it build up over a number of months if you want to splash out on a Sunday Roast or a meal for four. There are no ties or commitments - you can cancel your membership any time you like by clicking here.

  • Do you cater for specific dietary requirements?

    We’re a small start-up. As we grow bigger we hope to cater for a huge range of diets and dietary requirements. But during the early stages, our options for vegetarians, vegans and people with gluten and other intolerances are limited. Please bear with us!

    All of our recipes carry a complete list of allergens, but we can’t guarantee that cross contamination won’t occur in our kitchens.

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    Browse our meals, and when you find something you like, add it to your basket. Meals are portioned for either 2 or 4 people - if you're feeding more, just order multiple kits. When you check out, you can choose whether to sign up to become a member for free, or if you want to try us out first, just check out as a guest. For more details, visit our How It Works page.

  • Do you charge for delivery?

    Delivery of all meal kits is currently free for members to anywhere within mainland UK (sorry - we're not currently able to deliver to Northern Ireland). For non-members a small delivery charge of £4.99 will be added to your order. Our minimum order value is £20.

  • Who are your suppliers? 

    Our team counts on decades of experience and relationships in the food business.  We’re one of the few companies in this space that knows the provenance of every fresh ingredient we use. We work with independent and local suppliers who really care about their products.  We know them and they know us.
    Our meat and poultry comes from the Rare Breed Meat Company at Herons Farm, near the picturesque Colne and Stour Valleys on the Essex / Suffolk borders.  Four generations of the Blackwell family have farmed the land. Today, Howard Blackwell and his eldest son George head up the farm and the businesses that are now established there. Their poultry is cared for in a free-range environment and fed on natural foods, free from any additives or growth promoters. Their livestock is sourced from local mixed family farms which are selected for their adherence to very high animal husbandry standards. It’s the belief in their products that sets Howard and George apart from other suppliers.

    All our fish is fresh and sustainable and comes courtesy of Ben and Robin Wright of the Wright brothers of Borough Market. 

    Our veg is sourced locally and where we can’t find local products, we avoid air freight.  Our grocer was established by a Michelin star-ex chef out of Covent Garden and now operates out of Wimbledon. Some of the vegetables we use are “ugly”, but we think that makes them kind of beautiful!

    Our lettuce is grown hydroponically by Sebastien Sainsbury’s Crate to Plate 100% sustainable and organic and in terms of freshness, it’s delivered to you within 24 hours of being harvested!

  • Who founded My Supper Hero?

    My Supper Hero was founded in 2021 by Myleene Klass and Jamie Barber. Their mission is to give people everything they need to eat brilliantly at home.

    Myleene is a TV & radio presenter, designer, business woman and classically trained musician. Myleene launched a TV career hosting shows such as The Classical BRITS, Popstar To Opera Star, cd:uk and The One Show. As a DJ she has regular weekend radio shows on Classic FM and Smooth FM. Myleene has released several albums which have reached No.1 in the Classical Charts, alongside a couple of parenting books that have reached the Top 10 Sunday Times Bestseller List. Myleene has collaborated with a number of brands including Marks & Spencer, Mothercare, Littlewoods and currently Next with her own range of designs.  Myleene lives in London with her blended family - partner Simon and their 5 children.

    Jamie trained as a lawyer and practiced at leading media law firm Harbottle & Lewis, acting for a wide range of clients from Virgin to icons including Sir Roger Moore, Sir Michael Caine, and Sir David Frost. Jamie left Harbottles in 2000 to start Mayfair restaurant "Hush" with Sir Roger Moore's son Geoffrey.  Since then, Jamie has founded and operated many award winning restaurant groups including Villandry, Kitchen Italia, Sake No Hana, Cabana and Hache Burgers. Jamie is a "dragon" on BBC/Netflix's Million Pound Menu, and is a regular industry commentator. Jamie is a judge for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and a commentator and investor in FoodTech. Jamie is part of the global entrepreneur's network YPO, and is the European Chair of the Hospitality Network.  In a "former life", Jamie was a writer and producer and was signed to Warner Chappell and George Michael's Aegean Records.  He still plays Jazz, is a keen tennis player, and regularly embarrasses his children.

  • Who is the team behind My Supper Hero?

    We’re a diverse team made up of a happy mix of ages, ethnicities, and genders.  We look after our people and treat them like family. Everyone is equal and we believe in transparency across the board. We want all of our employees to share in the success of My Supper Hero as we grow.

  • Do you use sustainable packaging?

    We hate packaging.  But we accept that we need it to get amazing food to you intact and undamaged. We’re committed to using recycled and recyclable packaging and to keeping the amount of plastic we use to a minimum. We’re not just looking at the number of packaging pieces per delivery, but also how we can make the pieces we use as small as possible.

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Behind the Menu: Coq au Merlot

My Supper Hero's head chef, Charlie Bronson, is a master of cuisines from all over the world, as you'll know if you've tried our Korean-style barbecue chicken, our Thai-inspired whole roasted sea bass, or our lamb koftas, bursting with the flavours of the Middle East.

But Charlie learned his trade in classic French kitchens under acclaimed chef Daniel Boulud. When Charlie worked at Bar Boulud in London's Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and later at Café Boulud in the Four Seasons in Toronto, he made thousands of plates of coq au vin, so her certainly knows a thing or two about making sure that his is the best version of this French classic.

Daniel Boulud is a French chef who has earned numerous accolades for his culinary skills, including Michelin stars and James Beard Awards. Coq au vinis one of his most famous dishes, a classic French stew that features chicken cooked in red wine.

The origins of coq au vin can be traced back to ancient Rome, where cooks would prepare dishes using roosters and wine. The dish later became popular in France, where it was adapted to use a chicken and a red wine sauce. Traditionally, coq au vin was considered a peasant dish, as it made use of tougher cuts of meat that required long, slow cooking to become tender.

Charlie's version of coq au vin is a modern take on the classic dish, featuring high-quality ingredients and a refined technique. He uses bone-in chicken, which he sears in a pan until crispy and golden brown. He then simmers the chicken in a red wine and port sauce that has been infused with herbs, mushrooms, pearl onions and bacon. The result is a rich, savory stew that is full of complex flavors and aromas.

The My Supper Hero coq au merlot is a sophisticated and flavourful dish that is perfect for a special occasion or a cozy night in. With its tender chicken, rich red wine sauce, and fragrant herbs, this dish is sure to impress your guests and satisfy your taste buds.

Charlie's done all the hard work for you, so all you have to do is pop it in a casserole dish, heat in the oven, fry up the pancetta, mushrooms and onions, stir them into the stew, and enjoy. 

Order yours today and you could be tucking into to a My Supper Hero classic with your friends and family this weekend.